Monday, January 15, 2007

How Much Do Contractors Charge? - Request for Information

Several days ago I was talking to the family of a soldier in Mosul who complained about the costs to their Army son in Mosul of just the ordinary comforts and things at their son's post, telling me that he was being charged $45 for a case of Coke by the local contractors.

I am searching for information and stories about the charges contractors are making to our military members who must rely on them for the usual items found at PXs and on bases in Iraq.

Anyone who has a complaint, explanation, anecdote, or whatever can e-mail me at


Lumen said...

Soldiers do not have to pay $45 for a case of Coke in Iraq. Having been there twice, I can assure you that I've never paid outlandish prices for soda there. Nowadays, most bases provide two or three meals a day to soldiers that include soft drinks, all free of charge to the individual soldier. There may be Iraqi street vendors that will charge Americans high prices for goods, but even they wouldn't charge prices like those you cited, especially if the soldier bargained at all.

Catzmaw said...

Okay, that's what I'm looking for. Actual information about what people are paying and all that. I don't want to rely only on anecdotal information provided by upset family members. I'd like to have information from the horse's mouth. Thanks for your input, and your service.