Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Casualties of War

Interesting and poignant article on the 59 women soldiers killed so far in Iraq and the memorial to them at Fort Lee, Virginia. (U.S. Deaths in Iraq Mark Increased Presence)

One thing this war has done is settle the question of whether women can function in combat situations, at least of the sort our military is experiencing in Iraq. In a war with no front line women are becoming casualties no matter what their MOS, and serving courageously when thrust into combat.

Another story, published today in the WaPo, notes the tremendous sacrifices being made by small numbers in our society, while the burden of the war is borne by a few. With Iraq War Come Layers of Loss

How unconscionable it is that those who are being asked to risk all are also being forced to carry the heaviest burden. No family should be driven into poverty because they have lost their primary wage earner or must care for a severely disabled member injured in the war.

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