Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can Diabetes Be Cured?

Mosquito Blog put out a line on this article from the Canadian National Post regarding a potential cure for diabetes: Diabetes Breakthrough?

Pain researchers working with diabetic mice discovered somewhat by accident that they could cure the mice's (meese's?) diabetes with a single shot of capsaicin to their pancreases, followed by injection of a neuropeptide. Crazy stuff. Considering that Type II diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the developing world, if this research is on to something it would be of great benefit to everyone. Hope it leads to something good.


sue said...

God may help!!!

Prakash said...

Good by injecting some chemicals it is possible to improve the performance of Pancreas.

As per Ayurveda by taking Satvik Diet ,doing some yogasanas (Mayurasan)and pranayam (Bhastrika, Kapabhati, Pranayam)it is possible to improve the performance of pancreas.

There are examples where diabetes patients are cured.